Finanzplatz Zürich

Der Finanzsektor generiert direkt jeden 5. Wertschöpfungsfranken und stellt jeden 10. Arbeitsplatz in der Wirtschaftsregion Zürich.


15. Kapitalmarktforum Schweiz

What position is Switzerland about to take in a forthcoming digitalized and industrialized future? Which challenges and opportunities is it therefore facing? What kind of economic implications will taxes and legal protection have on the financial market? Which investment and development strategies are the ones who will dominate the markets in the upcoming years? How is it possible to combine sustainability and social responsibility with performance? Hot topics like these are the main focus of the 15th Kapitalmarktforum Schweiz.

Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten
  • Limmatquai 40
  • 8001 Zürich